I love my career

Today on the smokers’ patio a few of us were discussing our careers: me with 22 years in IT behind me and the young guys with their jewellery and attitude and self-confidence and maybe eight years of IT experience. The one youngster (probably 30) said he cannot see himself doing the same thing for more than 15 years. I had to laugh and then began to think.

IT has changed more in the last 23 years than modes of transport have over the last 200 years. Not a day went past that I didn’t learn something new (some days I learnt that I can be even lazier than I thought possible).

Why do I enjoy my career?

  1. I am often the prettiest woman on a team of 30+ people (OK, so I’m probably the only woman on the team).
  2. I can always talk to strange men without seeming to try to pick them up, because I do GeekSpeak (the capital S is proof that I can J ).
  3. I have really weird, crazy and unique friends, all of them super bright.
  4. I travel to the USA and Europe for TechReady and GeekReady!!
  5. I can fix my own pc, laptop, X-Box, toilet, leaking roof, car…
  6. My kids’ friends think I am cool because I work for …
  7. I earn a decent salary.
  8. My number one reason for loving my career and my current job though is that I can make technology work FOR people, not make
    people work for technology. I will get on my soapbox about this another time.

I love my job. I wake up in the morning eager to do something new or do something old in a new way. [Soapbox warning] For ever so long I thought it was pure luck, but I realised today that it is more than luck. There have been times when I was lucky: the right person at the right time in the right place kind of thing, but I also created my own luck. I made sure that I know something few other people know or that I have one skill which makes me stand out. I would yearn for the next dream job and then set out to get it. Sometimes the dream job disappointed, but more often than not it surprised me. There was a time when I hated every moment of work, but it was my first step (and my first job), my apprenticeship. Am I glad I stuck it out!


About cathcor

I am a true geek. I am passionate about the processes and tools involved in software development. I was a code slave for nigh on 16 years and I understand what it is like to be in the trenches. Now I make it my mission to make the processes and tools assist developers to deliver working software in such a way as to grow them personally and professionally. A happy developer delivers better code. My professional motto is: "Make technology work for people!" I recently got married. Between my wonderful God fearing husband and I we have four adult children. I contributed three to the equation (smirk). Life has its challenges, but the rewards make every challenge and sacrifice worth it ten times over. :) View all posts by cathcor

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