Software development through the ages compared to sewing on buttons

First grey haired geek: “When I started programming, we used to write our code out on coding sheets, sent it down to the typing pool. The next day we received our punch cards, did dry runs through those and then fed them to the mainframe. The app better had to work on the third try! My first “Hello World!” programme took me only 5 days to write!”

Second (slightly less) grey haired geek:
“At least we could use Roscoe to program and TSO to test. And we were no longer limited to three tries. I took one and a half days to write my first “Hello World” app.”

Young pimple faced code cowboy:
“It took me 10 minutes to find the sample code, three to download and run. After 13 minutes I had a “Hello World” app up and running.”


First grey haired geek: “To sew on a button I first had to create my hunting weapons. Then I had to kill a deer, skin it, tan the skin, cut slivers of bone for buttons, chew the dried out sinews into threads and then with a stone awl make holes in both the leather and the sliver of bone I used a s a button. The labour altogether for one button sewed was five days.”

Second grey haired geek: I had to go to the store, buy the right colour thread and button. Then I had to figure out how to thread the needle. All in all, travel included, it took me about a day and a half to have the button sewed on.”

Youg pimple faced code cowboy:
“My mom used one of these stick on buttons. It took us ten muntes to find it the right drawer where she keeps the stuff and I had to stand still for her to stick it on. With her yelling at me to stand still, it took 13 minutes to “sew” on the button in the right place.”


About cathcor

I am a true geek. I am passionate about the processes and tools involved in software development. I was a code slave for nigh on 16 years and I understand what it is like to be in the trenches. Now I make it my mission to make the processes and tools assist developers to deliver working software in such a way as to grow them personally and professionally. A happy developer delivers better code. My professional motto is: "Make technology work for people!" I recently got married. Between my wonderful God fearing husband and I we have four adult children. I contributed three to the equation (smirk). Life has its challenges, but the rewards make every challenge and sacrifice worth it ten times over. :) View all posts by cathcor

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